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My Journey

I'm Harri and it is time I introduced myself and share a bit about my journey.

Harri Dhokia at Dilly Restaurant Afternoon Tea

Back in 2009 I went through a marriage breakup. I thought my life was over to the point I had suicidal thoughts which led to a big panic attack, a visit with a psychiatrist and the start of counselling sessions.

Maybe this was my awakening

But this was definitely my lowest point in life.

I began a journey of seeking answers. I was never going to get answers from my ex to my question 'why me?'. Nor was I going to get answers from 'God' for reasons why I went through what I did.

So I ended up spending fortunes on random psychic readers and rip-off priests who took my vulnerability to their advantage in the hope to seek answers by doing rituals and pooja's.

Maybe this was my stupidity

In August 2010, I was officially divorced and permanently had the 'D' after my name. At this point of my life, I felt like a failure. I had no confidence, I was a disappointment to my family and felt lost.

Shortly after, I was introduced to a highly connected psychic reader who in conversation told me about a special book and that's the earliest memory I have of reading 'The Secret' where it actually meant something. I had heard of it before but ventured out to buy my first copy. This was the start of a new 'me'.

My journey of career, mindset, spirituality and relationships thereafter was an interesting one but one of growth.

I actually didn't realise I was on the journey of self-discovery and self-love but I enjoyed every moment of creating memories, learning, growing, meeting people, working on my career and finding myself. I was living life, dining out, partying, travelling, spending money with no care in the world. I felt free and no one could stop me.

Maybe this was my Stubbornness or Ego

A big achievement for me a few years on was when I was discussing my health insurance policy and they asked if I needed psychiatric cover. I confidently said NO!

In 2015, I quit my full-time job and ventured into building my own businesses. My first business is Black Interiors where I offer an interiors service for property developers. I also set up an ecommerce business selling Eastern Inspired Gifts called Black Qubd.

I overcame fears in my head and put my heart and soul into making something of myself.

Fast forward to May 2017. I was happily growing my businesses and loving life. Through a conversation with a friend, we began discussing Tony Robbins, so I posted on ProfessionalAsian Facebook Group, asking for people's opinions and asking if it was worth the investment to attend Tony's 4-day Unleash the Power Within event. Many who had attended UPW responded but also many who were intrigued and interested also commented.

So I set up a WhatsApp group with everyone interested in the hope to get a group discount like a true Indian would LOL.

This group, by fluke, grew! I called it 'Unleash the Wolf Within' (UWW) and I never knew that this Whatsapp group would have so much meaning and be a huge factor in my growth journey thereafter.

So here I am with a beautiful growing community of like-minded individuals who are on their own spiritual path, finding their purpose and open to learning. UWW has not only transformed my life but also has made a difference to others who have crossed its path.

Pre-Covid, I had hosted meet-ups, vision board workshops, charity events and an awards night. We collectively raised over £12k for MIND charity.

In 2018 over 15 of us attended UPW and this was a huge transformation for my journey. I volunteered at UPW in 2019 to support others on their journey and did the virtual event in 2020 from the comfort of my home. Last year (2023) I attended again but this time experienced it with my hubby (I married my soul mate in 2020 before Covid hit - story for another day).

UPw Tony Robbins Firewalker Harri Dhokia

During the pandemic, I co-hosted H.O.P.E days (Having Only Positive Expectations) over Zoom. We delivered over 52 hours of personal development content for free by bringing experts, coaches, healers and business owners to deliver workshops to help others on their life journey. We had such an amazing response and made a difference to many.

A book club was also set up in 2020 and we have read mindfulness books such as Atomic Habits, The Power of Now, Ikigai, The Universe Has Your Back and so many more.

UWW is about finding the time for you to learn, be empowered, feel supported and love the life journey you're on. Last year I relaunched with a new logo, new website and with the intention of organising many events. I now support a charity in Nigeria to help pay for young children's education. Collectively the UWW community sponsors 13 children.

I host Ladies at Lunch events, She-Wolf socials, a variety of workshops and free monthly Zoom sessions with different speakers. UWW also has a Healing Community membership.

UWW She-Wolf Social Northwood Ladies Lunch

Together we're growing and learning each day! I'm attracting so many beautiful souls into my UWW world. I love the deeper connections and the meaningful conversations about life.

I realise that I need the wolf group in my life to help me my own journey.

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