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Soul's Canvas: Women's Embodied Vision Board Creation

Join us for a transformative day of self-discovery and empowerment at our "Soul's Canvas: Women's Embodied Vision Board Creation." Immerse yourself in a soulful journey of creation and intention-setting as we guide you through the process of crafting a vision board that aligns with your true desires. Through reflective practices and connection with like-minded women, you'll cultivate a deeper understanding of your authentic self and leave with a clear, empowered vision board that serves as a roadmap to manifesting your dreams. Embrace this opportunity to connect, reflect, and envision as you embark on a path of self-realisation and purposeful living.

The day will be facilitated by Chintal Kakaya and Harri Dhokia.

What Is Included? You Will....

​Release, reset, realign, relax and feel harmonised as you are guided through a beautiful journey of opening your heart and connecting with the wisdom to begin setting your intentions.

Be led into connecting with your soul and creative chakra to create a vision board that is in alignment with your true desires.

Discover the process of creating a vision board that reflects your deepest desires, guided by Chintal, skilled in soulful manifestation techniques.

Immerse your mind, body and soul in this beautiful journey of release and flow, embracing the gift of god by sipping Cacao and connecting with your vision board. The vision board will be charged with Reiki and imprinting it with your chakras.

Learn how to connect with your vision board on a daily basis or as often as you desire. The vision board will enable and allow you to focus on your own journey rather than being distracted or experience " shiny object syndrome".

Cultivate a supportive and empowering community of like-minded women, fostering connections that encourage mutual growth, understanding, and solidarity on your personal and spiritual journey.

Feel lighter at the end, feel open and connected to what is meant to be for your highest and best self.

Details of the Ceremony:

​Date: Saturday 2nd March 2024
Time: 10:30am until 5.00pm
Venue: Loudwater Farm, Loudwater Ln, Loudwater, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth WD3 4HG

Souls Canvas Vision Board Workshop -  £125
Only 10 places remaining!
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Souls Canvas Vision Board Workshop - £125
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from Thrive Cart Souls Canvas.jpg
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